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At GOTAN we are respectful of the environment and of people. Our challenge is and will be to take care of the planet and those who inhabit it. That's why when making our craft beer we are committed to reducing the impact by making conscious use of water, reducing CO2 emissions and taking care of the resources that nature offers us. We believe that the transparency of our work can help to raise awareness of the need for a change in the ways we produce and behave.

Our company is founded according to the standards of the B-Corp movement, having them as a reference and objective for the future.

Making craft beer of excellence is part of our commitment, from the selection of ingredients to the packaging. We add innovation to tradition and we keep our quality at the level of the Swiss industry.

Our commitment to be present in the reality and needs of others connects us with associations that have humanistic projects to change the quality of life of those in need.

That's why since 2019, we assign 10% of our total sales to Mate Cocido https://www.matecocido.org/ in every event we participate.

This is just the beginning; GOTAN's growth will be aligned and committed to contribute increasingly to these inspiring projects.

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