Draught Beer

Gotan draft beer dispenser for events

Location tireuse à bière Genève Gotan

It's a big day for Geneva !
For the first time in Geneva you can hire our draft beer service for all your events!

Our draft beer service is an AirBar: a draught beer system on wheels that you can move around everywhere during the events!

That means you have the opportunity to animate any kind of events (weddings, company events...) with craft beer. Lucky you!
We also offer many different beer style with this service (IPA, Ale, Amber Ale).

Rent our draft beer service

Renting our draft beer service is a piece of cake!

All you need to do is to complete the form below. We will come back to you in 48hours. If you need you can also call the brewery at our number (+41 78 236 43 04) Our draft beer service is all in one: we take care of installation, delivery and logistic. All you have to do is serving the beer and share an amazing moment!

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